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Driving Lessons Wolverhampton


Before booking your driving test – make sure you are fully prepared for it. If you're confident you can do it, you will be less nervous on the day.

Have the following available when you book your test :

There are various ways to book your driving test but I would advise booking through your instructor to ensure they and the car are available for the hour prior to test and for the duration of the test itself. Alternatively you can book by phone on 0870 0101 372 or visit  www.dsa.gov.uk to book on-line.  You can use this facility to check availability.

Note: To cancel or reschedule your driving test you must give 3 clear working days notice or you'll lose your fee!


Booking your Driving Test

Driving Test Prices & Fees



Theory Test




Practical Test (Weekdays)




Practical Test (Weekends/Evenings)




Extended Test (Weekdays)




Extended Test (Weekends)