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Silence is golden!


During your drivng test your examiner may not chat at all, but some do. Your examiner won't chat when you're right in the middle of something, they will wait until you're not doing much. If the examiner doesn't chat at all, don't take it personally and don't think you have to chat to break the silence - just keep focused.


Think for yourself


Remember – you no longer have your instructor looking out for you. You must now think for yourself and decide on the best course of action for whatever situation you may find yourself in. You may find on the day of your driving test, and definitely after you have passed your test, situations will present themselves that you have perhaps not experienced (i.e bin lorries blocking your way, emergency vehicles with sirens going or broken down vehicles).  Just take a few moments out to look at what's happening before deciding on the best way to deal with it - don't rush. 


Remember it's only a test and you can take it as many times as you want.






Test      Day




Don't take your driving test

until you are ready! 


Take advice from your driving

instructor regarding when to

sit your test. Your driving

instructor has the knowledge

and experience to advise

when you are actually ready

to take your test.  There is

nothing worse than sitting a

test when you're not fully prepared for it. Being prepared helps to get rid of your driving test nerves and gives you confidence.


The early bird gets the worm!


When you book your driving test, try and get a time early in the morning if you can. Try and avoid busy times i.e. during the rush hour or when children come out of school.


Make sure you book your driving test at the test centre you want!


If you have been learning to drive in Wolverhampton its advisable not to take your test outside of that area.  Yes, you should be able to drive at the required standard on any UK road, but I guarantee you will feel more comfortable in an area which you know.


No caffeine!


Caffeine can raise anxiety levels in certain people in stressful situations, never mind on the day of your driving test - so give it a miss for one day.


Drive exactly like you do on a driving lesson!


When you're on your driving test don't change how you drive, drive the same as you do on a lesson. Try to treat your driving test as just another driving lesson.






Free unlimited practice in your head!


Keep going over all the things in your head that you have learnt. What are your weak points? On previous lessons/mock tests what did you do wrong? When do you turn the steering wheel on the reverse park/left reverse? When do you look all round? When do I signal? If you ask yourself a question and you're not sure of the answer, write t down and ask your instructor.