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Pass Plus


Now you have passed your practical driving test why not take the Pass Plus Course.


This course will help you to become

a more confident driver and give you a discount on your car insurance.  The reason why newly qualified drivers have higher insurance to pay

is because statistics show that 1 in 5 (20%) of new drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident in the first 2 years of driving.


PASS PLUS gives that extra valuable

experience and positive driving skills that

you would not have done through you normal

driving lessons for your practical test.

The PASS PLUS Course comprises of 6

specially designed Modules. 


There is no further test to be taken.


Once we are satisfied with your performance you will receive a certificate from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency).  This certificate should then be sent to your insurance company for you to obtain a substantial discount on your insurance.  You must first however make sure the Insurance Company you are with are in the Pass Plus scheme. Please visit www.passplus.org.uk for more


Pass Plus Modules:


Module 1:

     Introduction / Town Driving


Module 2:

     All-Weather Driving


Module 3:

     Out of Town Driving &

     Rural Roads


Module 4:

     Night Driving


Module 5:

     Dual Carriageways


Module 6: