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Alison Says......


I am a fully qualified female Driving Instructor. 


I offer driving lessons in Wolverhampton, I am local to the area and live in Penn.


I also offer free theory test training - see my theory test page for more details.


All my lessons are on a 1-2-1 basis and I guarantee a lesson will last a full hour.


I am patient, friendly and very understanding when it comes to nervous drivers.


For qualified drivers I can offer driving lessons to help build your confidence perhaps around town and on motorways.

I can help improve your manoeuvring skills.


Please give me a call to discuss your needs.


     Driving Lessons in Wolverhampton

                Tel:  07590 556974



1.   Effective observation and judgement at junctions.

2.   Effective observation and accuracy whilst reverse parking.

3.   Effective use of mirrors - acting on what is seen.

4.   Effective observation and accuracy whilst reversing around a corner.

5    Correct use of signals.  Not cancelling or giving misleading signals

6.   Effective observation when moving away safely.

7.   Correct positioning at roundabouts or on bends.

8.   Steering control - not steering too early or too late.

9.   Correct positioning to turn right at junctions and in one way streets.

10.  Appropriate speed, not going too slow or being hesitant.


The pass rate for the UK Practical Driving test is 43%


   5 LESSONS FOR £90

     New Drivers Only